Why do vehicles require professional regular servicing?

Where as a cheap “quick lube” just changes the oil and filter, a full service also inspects many items to ensure trouble-free motoring between services, such as belts and radiator hoses, brake linings and batteries. Left unattended, these can cause costly and unnecessary roadside failures. Brake fluids and antifreeze conditions, if left to deteriorate, will cause serious internal corrosion failures, once again expensive and unnecessary. Dirty transmission and power steer fluids will cause sticking valves and premature failures. Preventative maintenance servicing is the answer to reliable and cost effective motoring.

Why use a mobile mechanic?

Why use Scott Mobile Mechanic?

Will it cost more to have a mobile service?

Quite simply no. In fact just the opposite. Without the overheads of a workshop, Scott Mobile Mechanic can operate more efficiently. While most workshops are charging around $90 per hour and dealerships around $135 per hour, Scott Mobile Mechanic is charging only $72 dollars per hour (+gst). Where applicable, Scott Mobile Mechanic has a supplier of only the best quality aftermarket parts at competitive prices.

What do you get with Scott Mobile Mechanic?

Professional vehicle servicing, convenience, reliability, less down time and cost saving. Scott Mobile Mechanic will, on completion of a service, advise of any additional work or repairs that may be required along with a costing. No additional repairs are performed without authority. No work is performed that is not absolutely necessary.